Why You Should Take Your Time Enjoying Great Food

There is nothing that makes us happier here at Aqua Food and Mood than seeing our customers enjoying the Lebanese cuisine that we serve each and every day. It is the reason why we do what we do and we truly would not be here without our wonderful customers.

In particular, we enjoy recognising the eating habits of our different customers. Some simply wolf their food down, enjoying every last morsel so much that they seemingly can’t wait to get onto the next bite. Others take their time and savour every mouthful, chewing slowly in an effort to get every last bit of flavour from their food.

While we would never assume we can tell people how to eat, we have found that there are many benefits that can be experience if you take your time with your food and really savour it. Here we look at a few of them that may be reason enough to try eating a little slower.

Enjoying Your Food

Many of the dishes we create at Aqua Food and Mood are made as a result of a delicate combination of ingredients that our chefs have worked to perfect over the course of many months, and even years, of cooking.

In some cases, the best way to get the absolute most out of your meal is to simply eat it slowly so that the flavours of each individual ingredient has the opportunity to merge with the others and create a taste sensation that you might otherwise have missed if you are a quick eater.

You May Lose Weight

If you are currently a little concerned about your weight and are considering starting a diet, you may be encouraged to hear that eating a little slower is believed to help you lose weight, without ever changing any of your other eating habits. In fact, some studies have claimed you can lose as much as 20 pounds a year by taking your time and eating a little slower.

The theory goes that it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register whether or not your stomach is full. As such, if you eat too quickly you may find you overindulge. While this is a good thing on occasion, it is something to be avoided if you want to shed the pounds. By eating slower, your brain has a better idea of whether or not you are full and will send you the appropriate signals.

Better Digestion

Do you find that you often have issues with your digestion after you have eaten? Maybe your stomach feels like its churning or you are suffering from the effects of indigestion. All of these may be signs that you are eating a little quicker than your body would like you to.

By eating slower and chewing more thoroughly, you not only get the added taste benefits with many foods, but you are also helping your body to better digest what you are eating. Simply put, the more work you do up top, the less needs to be done once the food hits your stomach.

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