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The demand for alcohol free wines and sparkling wines is higher than ever, whether it be for dinner in a restaurant or for a drinks party, celebration or other event. Thanks to a wide range, restaurants and caterers can now offer their guests unrivaled pleasure with 0.0% alcohol by volume. With the ever growing demand of drivers, diners on medication, pregnancy, cultural demands and mid week hangovers, Aqua food & mood has created a dry bar to give you wine for its qualities and the cultural values it conveys. With non-alcoholic wines, the terroir, men and traditions are always respected. The beneficial effects and properties are also respected but here, the pleasure is unlimited. Our range of non alcoholic spirits and gins are growing. The Xachoh blend no.7 is becoming one of our most popular drinks.

Pierre Zero Merlot

Intense ruby color with red fruits on the nose. This non alcoholic red wine shows freshness, balance and youth that delight the senses.

Pierre Zero Merlot - Prestige

Red deep color with purple shiny hints. On the nose, generous notes of ripped fruits. On the palate, bodied and structured, with nice red fruits, spices and vanilla aromas.

Espora Cabernett Saugvinon

A sweet, blackberry fruit aroma with combination hints of cabernet variety. Appearance of Cherry red, strong intensity with violet tones.

Señ. Tautila - Tinto

Ripe cherry-colored wine of mild intensity. The presence of fruit surprises, and emerging from behind the wood of the barrel without too much aggressiveness.

Pierre Zero Rose

Brilliant rose in color with intense aromas of red fruits. This non alcoholic rosé wine has a balanced freshness and fluidity that excite the palette and is perfect for warm summer days.

Opia Cabernet Sauvignon

Made from Cabernet Sauvignon, this drink has a deep ruby color. The nose reveals red fruits aromas and the palate offers a pleasant creamy sensation due to softy tannins.

Pierre Zero Chardonnay

Non alcoholic white wine : Golden yellow in color, brilliant with just a hint of sparkle. Fruit forward palette balanced with a delicate freshness.

Pierre Zero Chardonnay - Prestige

Pierre 0% Prestige White reveals a nose with aromas of peach and white flowers. His mouth, generous wealth, offers apricot, vanilla and honey sublimated by infinite gentleness.

Espora Chardonnay

Appearance Light intensity, pale yellow with green tones. Aroma Floral and fruity aroma such as pear, lemon and apple.

Sparkling wines
Dream Line - Silver Rose

Translucent rose wine with vibrant and alluring purple hues. When the bottle is turned the “silver Rose cloud” is released throughout the bottle. The fragrance is clean, fresh, fruity and floral, reminding one of violets and tropical fruits.

Espora Pinot Noir

Light intensity, lovely deep light golden colour. A bottle of unique white champagne made by red grape known as "vin gris". Just shy of dryness, fruity, citrus blossom aromatics and freshness.

Señ. Tautila Espumoso

This sparkling wine has a great taste, very refreshing and very fine bubbles of long duration. Especially recommended in combination with light soups, broths, or cold creams such as vichyssoise.

Señ. Tautila Espumoso Rosado

Beautiful rose colored sparkling wine of mild intensity. Refreshing and long-lasting bubbles. Safe and Delicious, Fantastic alternative to alcoholic champagne.

Peroni Libera 0,0%


San Miguel 0,0%


Gimber The original

Gimber gives you a unique taste experience and easily replaces any alcoholic beverage thanks to its flavored nature and spicy bite in the end. Peruvian ginger, lemons, herbs, spices and gems present your taste buds with a tango.

Xachoh Blend No. 5

The freshness of star anise is the backbone, but this is rounded out by the spicy warmth of ginger, the fragrance of long pepper, and the sweet honeyed notes of camomile.

Xachoh Blend No. 7

Blend Number 7 has a warm spiced nose, the ginger and mace coming to the fore, the fragrant cinnamon completing the winter spiciness, whilst the crystal malt adds a sweet richness.

Seedlip Spice

An aromatic & complex blend of all spice berry, cardamom, bark & citrus peel distillates. Best served with tonic for an adult & sophisticated alternative

Ideal with tonics or cocktails

Some benefits of alcohol free

  • 3 to 6 times less calories than a regular wine
  • A festive drink for the workplace
  • A wine without alcohol, a valuable ally for the elderly
  • The richness of wine and the ‘French Paradox’
  • The good friend of sports lovers
  • The objective: dealcoholization and preservation of aromas
  • Pregnancy: welcomes the goodness
  • not for adults only !


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