Why We Love Working at Aqua Food and Mood

To really be a success in the restaurant industry you must truly have a passion for all that you do. Everything from the food you cook through to the service you provide must be drenched with love for the job that you’re doing.

For us at Aqua that passion is never hard to come by. We find it in so many different things every single day and we have decided to share some of the many things that make serving the best Lebanese cuisine to each and every one of you such a joy for us.

Meeting People

All of us at Aqua simply adore meeting the many different people who walk through our doors. We believe that everybody has a story to share and we take great delight in forming a connection with every customer that we serve. Whether it simply be through the food that we provide or through personal bonds that will be cherished long after the meal is over, meeting new people is the absolute highlight of the job and we can’t thank you enough for making this possible.

Aqua Food and Mood Customers

We Love Lebanese Food

As you may have gathered from this website or from visiting us in person, our Lebanese heritage is something that we take great pride in. We consider it a true privilege to be in a position where we can promote such wonderful dishes to a wider audience who may not have been able to sample them before. Lebanese food is a true passion for us and we pour every ounce of effort into ensuring that the food we serve does justice to the grand traditions of the country. The smiles on the faces of our customers tell us we are doing a good job and make all of the work extremely worthwhile.

Lebanese Food

The Team

We consider ourselves something of a family at Aqua Food and Mood, all united by the ideal of providing great food and excellent service to our customers. This would simply not be possible without a great team to do the job and we take great delight in operating as a well-oiled machine. Respect and friendship are at the core of our working environment and we truly hope that this comes across to our customers and helps to make the atmosphere at our restaurants all the more enjoyable.

The Aqua Team
Every Day is Different

There is simply no settling into a routine in the restaurant business. Every single day brings with it new challenges and new experiences that help to shape us as individuals. At the end of the day, you never quite know what’s going to happen and much of that is down to the many wonderful personalities that we have been fortunate enough to encounter through the years.

The Rewards Are Instant

Any chef, cook or restaurant worker will tell you that there are few better experiences than that of knowing that you have had an effect on another person’s life through your food, if only for a moment. We live to satisfy our customers and we take great pride and pleasure in the wonderful feedback that we receive, be it through testimonials or simply from the smile on the face of a satisfied diner.

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