Try our Lebanese Restaurant in Coventry for celebrating life over food

Sahteyn! This means twice your health, a greeting word used when joining a Lebanese home for dinner. The Lebanese cuisine is by far generous, complex and copious and its history lies in the local, Ottoman, Shami and Persian roots, cultures that had a major impact on the area.


The interesting culture of Lebanese people reflects in their choice of cuisine. They find enjoyment in life by being social and spending time with relatives, friends and taking part in conversations over coffee, and of course, cooking and eating good food. The dining is based on sharing and it means a celebration of life on all aspects and we would like to show you that at our Lebanese restaurant in Coventry. This is particularly different from the current European view on food, where people are too busy to cook or to invest their time and energy in it. Unfortunately for them, food has been proved as a major factor in our health.

You will be surprised to find out that instead of the three course meal, the Lebanese have small dishes. Lebanese people see food not only as an act of eating, but as a process of enjoyment and relaxation. It is not only about the stomach, it’s about enjoying the dish prepared with interesting and carefree conversations.

Desserts are handmade works of art, with filo pastry, nuts and syrup. The creamy sweets filled with clotted cream and melting shortbread filled with nuts are prepared for meals with black coffee or tea, just like the other sweets.

The Lebanese culture is well known for its hospitality that has become a tradition over time.

Food plays an important role in life and sharing is one of the most pivotal acts of life and our chiefs working in the Lebanese restaurant in Coventry will make you feel that. The simplest dinner brings a variety of dishes, starting with mezza, which is mainly dips and salad. It can continue with raw or picked vegetables, hummus or it can involve meat kebabs, grilled seafood, salads and of course, the most loved deserts. Even if it has a great variety, lamb is a common ingredient used in most of the dishes, as well as kofta, minced lamb rolled into sausage shapes and cooked in the oven or on the barbecue. Goat is also a meat of choice, while poultry is more popular than red meat. Flavours like olive oil, garlic, lemons are key elements to the Lebanese diet.

Lick your fingers and come and get yourself a treat at our Lebanese restaurant in Coventry.


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