The Health Benefits of Lebanese Cuisine

Here at Aqua Food and Mood we often talk about the wonderful taste of our stunning Lebanese cuisine, and with good reason. After all, our chefs work day and night to ensure that you get only the very best from us at all times.

However, one of the things that isn’t often highlighted is the health benefits of our food. Lebanese food is inherently healthy, so today we thought we would take a look at some of the many benefits of enjoying our fine cuisine.

The General Diet

Lebanese food places a lot of emphasis on fruits and fresh vegetables, meaning that you get all of the health benefits associated with both when you come to eat with us. Believe us, you will have no trouble whatsoever enjoying your five a day.

While the diet also includes meat, everything is cooked in olive oil and much more emphasis is placed on healthier foods than the likes of high dairy products and other less healthy foods. Furthermore, rice and lentils are much more popular than foods like bread and potatoes, meaning you can cut out a lot of the high-starch foods from your diet when you go Lebanese.


We have spoken about the benefits of parsley and mint before, so those who have read our previous posts know just how beneficial they are.

For those that haven’t, both are used quite extensively in Lebanese cooking and both have many health benefits. They will help with your digestion, with parsley being particularly rich in Vitamin K and antioxidants as well.

Mint isn’t left out though, as it is a great source of Vitamin C in addition to being one of the most wonderful and natural ways to freshen your breath. Simply put, they add to the meal and benefit you in the long run as well.


Those who eat Lebanese food on a regular basis will already be aware of Tahini, which is the traditional sauce used in many of our dishes. What they may not know is that the sauce is made using sesame seeds, which have the highest oil content of any seed.

This means that they are rich in Omega 6 acids as well as being a very good source of protein, particularly if you are on a diet and want to avoid eating chicken and other types of meat.


We mentioned a little earlier that Lebanese cuisine makes use of lentils. While this has enormous benefits in terms of the taste of the food we create, there are also a number of health benefits that are associated with this vegetable.

For a start, lentils add to the flavour of any dish by absorbing the inherent flavours of that dish, which means that if you like the food you’re eating you are very likely to enjoy the lentils served with it. The vegetable is also quite low in terms of its calorie count, in addition to being an excellent source of protein and vitamin B, so you get to eat healthier food that mimics the taste of the food you enjoy.

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