A taste of Lebanon from one of the best Coventry restaurants

We are preparing the best Lebanese food by using fresh products everyday and using traditional techniques in preparing the meals.

Our renowned mezze (starters) includes olives imported from all around the world, our “light as air” falafel, freshest salads and hummus, which has been seen as a revelation, rich and impossible not to want it again.


Our entrees are including grilled and marinated meats, seafood and poultry. Popular sweets are a must have, among which the connoisseurs’ favourite is the baklawa. Our selection of Lebanese wines makes us one of the top Coventry restaurants, and our traditionally prepared coffees are often praised for their taste.

Matthew Fort, food critic, wrote in the Guardian that:

“Each dish carried an authentic hallmark of proper Middle Eastern cooking – peppy spices, singing herbs, shining flavours, health and happiness in every mouthful…not a stale note, not a sloppy detail in evidence, even in standard items.”

If you are a vegetarian or just following a diet, we are pleased to inform you that we are offering a selection of starters and entrees that are prepared to order, using the spices, beans and the freshest vegetables. Our Lebanese cuisine is one of the best in Coventry restaurants, with vegetarian dishes and fresh; rather than frying, baking and grilling sounds more appealing to us.

One of the most delicious starters is Moutabel, a dip tasting like hummus, but carrying a completely different experience. The moutabel is found on every Middle Eastern table, due to its outstanding taste. If you’re interested in how to cook it, we inform you that the eggplants are grilled, or they can be fried as well.


Some of our clients from the Coventry restaurants admitted they knew this starter by a different name, babaganoush. In the past, the eggplants are pounded and mixed with all the other ingredients by hand in a copper bowl.

Let our authentic food from Coventry restaurants transport you from East to Middle East!

We excel in customer service and we bring you back to a veritable dining experience. Whether you want a freshly prepared lunch or the finest dinner, a mint tea or just a Sheesha, you are more than welcome to come to one of the best Coventry restaurants. Aqua is the restaurant that prepares food that comes with a good mood.

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