Discover the joys of Lebanese Sheesha

At Aqua Food and Mood we want you to discover the joys of all aspects of the Lebanese culture. For most of our guests this will obviously mean sampling some of the wonderful food that we create. Rest assured, we always place the maximum effort and quality into every dish that leaves our kitchen as our main aim is to ensure that all of our customers enjoy their meals.

On top of this, we wish to promote Lebanese sheesha to a wider audience. Generally speaking, Sheesha is tobacco that is often mixed with some kind of flavouring and then smoked through a pipe known as a Hookah. It is a much more traditional form of smoking than the standard cigars and cigarettes that are popular today and, due to the size of many hookah’s it also allows for smoking to be a more social activity.

The hookah works by passing the smoke and vapour released by the tobacco through a water basin, making it more palatable to the taste. It originated many years ago, during the peak of the Safavid dynasty in the days of the Persian Empire and, over the centuries, continued to spread through much of Asia and, eventually, into the European consciousness. The mechanism for the pipe itself was later perfected by the denizens of Ottoman empire in Turkey, and it is from this design that many modern day hookahs are derived.

We provide a number of hookah pipes in the restaurant for the enjoyment of our guests, in addition to a wide array of tobacco flavours to ensure you have the best choice available. There are few things better after a great meal than sitting outside with friends, smoking sheesha and reminiscing.

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