Celebrate Halloween with Aqua Food and Mood

It’s nearly that time of year again! The masks are out, the face paint is on and plenty of people around the world are trick or treating and making sure that October finishes off with a bang.

That’s right folks, it’s Halloween again. The history of the day varies depending on who you speak to, however most believe that the holiday is Celtic in origin and that its original purpose was to celebrate the end of the harvest and prepare for the winter months ahead. Eventually this festivities evolved to include the use of costumes and other guises, which provide the root for why so many people love to dress up on Halloween.

We at Aqua want to celebrate the event with you. We are offering an astonishing 10% off any meal purchased in our restaurant on Halloween night. Bonus points if you turn up in costume too. So come on down on Friday and bring your friends and family with you. The day may be a fright but we guarantee that the food will be a delight! There are few better ways to start a night out in Coventry or Warwickshire off in style than to get some great food from the best Lebanese restaurant in town.

The offer is open all day on Friday 31st October and ends on the stroke of midnight. Absolutely anything and everything in your meal is included!

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