The best Sheesha in Coventry

Aqua restaurant is not only about food but also about mood. It is food and mood at the same time. It can be regarded as the food that gives you the mood. The idea of food changing your mood is widespread throughout the world but the Lebanese people are underpinning the importance of food in our spiritual and physical development as human beings.

Even if Lebanese food contains a lot of meat, as a proof for respecting our clients variety we decided to keep a menu with great choice of vegetarian dishes. We want people to leave happy from Aqua, happy and fulfilled, either with tasty meat or with tasty vegetables.

Apart from the traditional Lebanese food, our clients can enjoy Sheesha Coventry, known as a water pipe that can be smoked, carrying a multitude of fruit flavoured molasses. It is an accessory that allows people get together, stay close to each other and, the most important aspect, to share. Sheesha is very common in the Arabic world, this is one of the reasons we brought it at Aqua, trying to make clients feel at home or at closer to understanding the Lebanese customs.

At the restaurant you’ll find the greatest fresh food, space, garden, drinks and people. Our chefs are the best in Coventry and well known for their gastronomic talent. The most important policy is delivering only fresh meals. Lebanese wines go very well with the Sheesha Coventry. We pride ourselves with a list of the world’s renowned Lebanese wines.

Sheesha Coventry can be used at large parties, corporate parties or personal/family parties. Sheesha can be fun and enjoyable in a couple and as well in 20 people.

At Aqua restaurant we celebrate the summer by opening the Bedouin style Sheesha garden terrace where you can taste the traditional Arabic food under the loveliest sun, altogether with the Sheesha water pipe.

We have often observed that Sheesha Coventry is an excuse for people to tell stories and even to help with quitting smoking. For others, the smoking water pipe is a way of enjoyment and a “dessert” after the Lebanese traditional meals.

Either way, our clients enjoy it and for those of you who are looking for restaurants with Sheesha, we invite you to Aqua, where you can enjoy your Sheesha and try Lebanese food.  The garden terrace is now open and the Sheesha Coventry is your best choice, with Lebanese food as extra topping or the other way round.


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