Aqua Food and Mood Are Proud Sponsors of Claverdon RFC

Aqua Food & Mood is delighted to sponsor the Claverdon Rugby Football Club and to provide whatever help we can to get more people playing one of the greatest sports in the country. As such, we thought we might be able to entice a few people into taking an interest in the club by providing you with a bit more information about what they do.

Claverdon RFC was established in 1965 and is currently preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary with an amazing 60’s style ball, details of which can be found on the official webpage. As the name implies, it is the local village rugby club in Claverdon and has been training players young and old in the intricacies of the game since the club’s inception.

The club maintains a number of teams, with teams available for everybody from the ages of six and up. The club also maintains two senior teams and regularly competes in matches in addition to holding training sessions.

The club is also in the Midlands Division » Midlands 4 West (South) league and will be competing for promotion this year against the likes of Coventry Welsh and Kings Norton. It would be wonderful if anybody reading this would be able to show their support by coming to a few games or buying something from the club shop. Even better, if you are a player or are interested in the game, why not join the club yourself?

Aqua Food & Mood acts as a sponsor for the club, with an aim to raise awareness and money for the club so that it can continue its fight to reach the upper echelons of the rugby world. Claverdon RFC represents hard work, a community spirit and integrity, qualities that we as a restaurant believe are extremely important. It is through these qualities that Aqua Food & Mood is able to provide the best Lebanese cuisine in the Coventry area and it is these qualities that have allowed Claverdon to continue for 50 years!

To find out a little bit more about Claverdon RFC, visit the club’s website. The players are regulars at the restaurant and we are always delighted to see them!

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