Almaza now available at Aqua Food and Mood

Here at Aqua Food and Mood we always aim to bring you the most authentic Lebanese experience available in the UK. Our food brings together all of the finest aspects of Lebanese culture to ensure that you have a great dining experience.

We extend this to our drinks menu as well, which is why we are proud to announce the availability of Almaza, which is one of the finest Lebanese beers available.

Brewed in Lebanon and imported to the UK, Almaza has been in existence in some shape of form for more than 70 years, following the formation of a group of Lebanese stakeholders that primarily included the Jabre family. Their aim – to create a beer that captures to essence of the Lebanon during a period when the area was still under French jurisdiction.

A dedicated brewery was set up in the heart of the country and, over time, has seen many changes in Lebanese culture. This culminated in the 1990s, when the country finally achieved its independence and the minds behind the brewery dedicated themselves to ensuring that Almaza became a symbol of everything that historic occasion represented.

As more was invested into the brewery, the desire to expand the reach of the beer and let people know about its quality on an international level also continued to grow. This desire has been matched by interest from a number of international markets, including the UK where Lebanese culture has been readily accepted and embraced over the years. The brewery itself has undergone startling growth, to the point where it now produces more than 24,000 bottles an hour.

The Almaza brand has continued to expand and there are now a range of fine Lebanese beers available for consumption by the true beer connoisseur. Be sure to give it a try for yourself if you come to visit! There are few more authentic Lebanese experiences than sitting down with some fine food and a refreshing beer that has been brewed in the heart of the country.


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