A Brief History of Chateau Musar and the Musar Jeune Rose

Here at Aqua Food and Mood we aim to bring every aspect of Lebanese culture to our customers and we take special pride in the various Lebanese wines that we have on our drinks menu.

Of particular importance when it comes to Lebanese viticulture is the Chateau Musar, who are the makers of the Musar Jeune Rose wine that is amongst the most popular in our restaurants. Founded in 1930 when Gaston Hochar planted his first vineyards following his return from Bordeaux, the wines produced by the winery have been heavily influenced by the practices of that region ever since.

In 1959, Serge Hochar became the lead winemaker at the Chateau while still undertaking his studies in winemaking at Bordeaux’s University of Oenology. He brought the influences of great names in the winemaking world to Lebanon, with the teachings of Jean Riberau and Emile Peynaud having a particular influence on the drinks that he would create.

Serge would eventually hone his red wines to the point where they began achieving international acclaim. The winery’s 1967 vintage was hailed as the “Find of the Fair” at the Bristol Wine Fair in 1979 and Serge was also honoured by being named Decanter magazine’s inaugural ‘Man of the Year’ for his dedication to his craft during the Lebanese Civil War.

He has since received the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from the German magazine Der FeinSchmeker and his sons and extended family currently play a large part in the continued operations of the winery and its expansion into other territories.

Musar Jeune Rose

The Musar Jeune Rose

The winery is known for creating some of the best Lebanese wines available and for us the pick of the bunch is the Musar Jeune Rose, which makes an excellent accompaniment to the majority of the dishes served at Aqua Food and Mood.

Grown in the Bekaa Valley region, the grapes used in the creation of this wine are blended to perfection so that they create a beautifully smooth drink. Aromas of raspberries, red apple and blackcurrants will enchant the drinker and it works wonderfully with rich meats and other foods that are complemented by a crisp and fruity wine.

We heartily recommend that any connoisseurs that happen to visit one of our restaurants give it a try. You will certainly not be disappointed and we hope that your experience will encourage you to try some of the other wonderful Lebanese wines that we have on our drinks menu.

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